Leave Nothing Behind OUT NOW!!

Walking Rumor, heavy rock band from Denmark introduces now their newest single Leave Nothing Behind from their coming album Symbiosis, which is dated to be fully released next year. The song is recorded at LAK Studios, produced by Claudio Andersen and mix/mastered by Chris Kreutzfeldt (Cabal). Leave Nothing Behind shows the bands understanding of the inner demons their audience might be fighting by sharing an honest take of their own experience. 
This song really leaves nothing behind. 

Walking Rumor is a band who writes honest songs and Leave Nothing Behind is no exception. This song might be their most sharing to date about their own experience with mental health and the struggle some of their audience might be dealing with. Kenio (one of the vocalists) recently shared a video with The Maloik about his struggles with mental health and his encouragement, to keep fighting for what matters. 
Walking Rumor is sharing one song every month from their album Symbiosis, and we can’t wait to see what will come next. 

Leave Nothing Behind is a song that contains a well written perspective of what an individual with mental struggles might be going through. A powerful delivered verse with a very sensitive harmonic chorus, gives the song a strong potential to be a hit. The song might seem to dark to some but if you listen closely it speaks to the listener in an encouraging way, by expressing empathy and questioning their belief in a voice that is not their own. The music is hitting hard with a lot of guitar creativity, uplifting chorus and a composition that supports the vocals in a sense that the purpose of the song shines through even more. 
The band has even with the obvious inspiration from the early 2000, given the song a modern twist with some few effects that drives the heaviest part of the song, into an attention centered piece which catches the listeners interest in what is being said. Walking Rumor is truly a band that isn’t afraid to take risks, speak a hard truth and share their deepest thoughts with their audience. Their songwriting is well thought through and leaves nothing behind. 

“When working on the lyrics for the song, I wasn’t sure how to express what I really wanted to say. Giving the fact that there is so much noise in my head sometimes, it can be hard to spell everything out on a piece of paper and get it to make sense. Leave Nothing Behind is not as much the full context of what is going on, but more the narrowed down version. I would rather have the listener relate to it fast and get the encouragement to fight it, than just a 4-minute song of a full-blown chaotic mindset” – Kenio Gustavsson (Vocalist) 


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