New song: Turn the Tides OUT NOW!!

Walking Rumor just released their newest single “Turn the Tides” which is the fourth release from their coming album “Symbiosis”. The danish nu-metal band has recorded the song at LAK Studios, produced by Claudio Andersen and mixed/mastered by Chris Kreutzfeldt.  “Turn the Tides” is one of the more melodic and harmonic songs from the band. Nevertheless the tune is still stuffed with energy and blows the listener away from the very beginning. This song can not only turn the tides, it can also turn the listeners and drag them into a new and modern world of metal music. 

Walking Rumor is a band who writes honest music, still there is a big focus on the melody of the songs which makes the band more relatable for the average listener. The band is traveling through different genres, taking the best from the different worlds. You get the aggressiveness from the metal genre, the honestness from the rap elements and mixed together with the harmonic melody of the song, you are served a perfect cocktail. “Turn the Tides” is a great example of what a perfect cocktail should taste like. 

The song explodes in the very beginning with a hard rock-guitar solo. No intro-riff, drum-fill or any unnecessary synth-intro. The music hits the listener immediately and makes the listener surf on the tides of the song from the start. After the intro you hear the clean and honest lyrics of Anders Mørch. His voice contributes to the melodic feeling of the song even though the verse has a steady beat with distorted guitars. Kenio hits the listener with some lines in the verse as well. His characteristic voice has become a part of the bands sound and at this point there is no doubt that this is a Walking Rumor tune. The chorus is a radio-friendly pop/rock-chorus. It’s catchy and the listener will know the lines very fast. Even though the song uses those catchy elements you get a lot of aggression in the bridge. Kenios repeating lyrics “You run away because of who I am” is supported by dark guitars and double bass-drums which gives a great twist to the softer main sections of the song. 

Turn the Tides is about trusting in yourself and getting rid of the toxicity in your life. If you never get rid of the toxicity, you will never move forward. It will always be standing in your way, and when you really need help, people turn away. This song tries to make people believe in themselves, because when it all comes to an end, you are the only one knowing what’s best for you.



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